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Chronobiological Aspects
of Music Physiology

Prof. Dr. med. G. Hildebrandt

is one of the fathers of chrono-medicine, and is renowned world­wide as a leading medical authority in the fields of chrono-biology, balneology, medical climatology and physical medicine.

He founded the European Society for Chronobiology and was the vice-president of the International Society for Chronobiology for many years.

He also founded the L.R. Grote-Institute for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Bad Berleburg, as well as the Institute for Research in connection with medical treatment in Bad Wildungen.

He was the director of the School of Work Physiology and Rehabilitation Research at the Marburg University until he became an emeritus professor.

Professor Hildebrandt continued his work as an author and co-author respectively, as well as being the publisher of various medical standard works such as “Balneology and Medical Climatology”, “Physical Medicine”, “Chronobiology in Naturopathy” and “Handbook on Mineral Spring Water Drinking Treatments”.

Biological Rhythms in Humans
and their Counterparts in Music

Prof. Dr. med.
Gunther Hildebrandt

Explanations on the following report:

In his work “Biological Rhythms in Humans and their Counterparts in Music” Prof. Dr. med. Gunther Hildebrandt, one of the fathers of chronomedicine and long-standing director of the School of Work Physiology and Rehabilitation Research at Marburg University shows how the rhythmical processes in a healthy human organism follow the harmonic laws of nature and, in the truest sense of the word, turn it into a music physiology.

The application of the harmonic laws of nature also determine the nature of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® of the classical composer Peter Hübner, and here it is especially the rhythmical laws of harmony which fundamentally distinguish his music from all other music and/or from their present day interpretation.

In the books “Natural Music Creation” and “Natural Music Listening”, as well as in his study catalogue “Studies in Music – Study of the Inner Forces of Man” the tone creator has described the natural laws of harmony, especially also relating to the field of man's inner formation.

1989 the composer Peter Hübner invited Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt to his home for an exchange of ideas. Here, the music creator and the medical research scientist discussed the concept of making the harmonic resources of music for the human organism an object of focused modern scientific studies.

In a letter Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt wrote after this meeting to the composer: “I am very interested in the research project you introduced for the development and utilization of the microcosm of music for health purposes.

As discussed during our meeting, I would like to carry out a research series in the context of this project, in which the influence of music on the rhythmical system of humans is examined. This is to ascertain to what extent unbalanced rhythmical functions and their co-ordination in humans can be normalized by purposefully and compositionally applying the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music.

Whereby the musicological part of this research series would be arranged by you, I, together with my colleague Dr. med. R. Moog, would formulate the medical side of the research and monitor its execution.

Please find enclosed the medical research report for initial basis studies on the subject of ../../1203_Research/0621_Sleep_Disorders/SD_00_Content.php" style=" color:#000099; text-decoration: underline" target="_blank">sleep disorders, a problem which affects many Germans, but especially those who have to do shift work”.
The thorough research of these harmonic connections is a wide field, and will probably take up several more years.

Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt’s scientific work in hand, is supportive of the understanding of the concept of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, as it demonstrates the order of the natural rhythmic system in humans as being harmonic in the sense of the microcosm of music.

At the composer’s request, this fundamental work of Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt on “Biological Rhythms in Humans and their Counterparts in Music”, with the available expanded new publication, should once again be made accessible to a wider, more technically qualified public.

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RRR 102 Harmony

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Sleep Disorders

RRR 106 Sleep Disorders

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