on his International Project of the INTEGRATION OF SCIENCES & ARTS
Peter Hübner - Astronomy of Mind

Furthermore – We now have arrived in the world of intuition.
Just as a gross surface reflects outer light only very badly and, alternately, a glassy surface or a very finely structured surface reflect light very well, the same is also true for our inner life:

And for this refinement of our mind as a reflector of our inner cosmic sunlight, but also for the improvement of any kind of mental recognition in general, including our ability of intuition, a corresponding refinement and improvement of our neurophysiological processes is indispensable. Because, as is known, at first the functions of our mind and our neurophysiological processes are by nature strongly tied to each other, like the dog to his master – but, as I’ve said already, the roles of who is dominant are switched in the course of the development of consciousness.

But when we have established our point of view under the cosmic sun, something else is of particular importance; in this state of consciousness, which one also calls “unity consciousness” *, or from this cosmic location we see with the “eye of the soul” – the cosmically unfolded intellect – through “the eye of the Creator,” and there and then we authentically experience the true relations about which the scientist with his evolution theory and the humanist with his creation theory are arguing, and we would also be able to give competent information about it – but our common speech is completely unable to cope with something like this.

This is at any rate the natural point of view the two mentioned gentlemen professors will have to take to avoid their futile discussions in their first three states of consciousness in an artificial language.

Everyone was or is empowered by nature to intuition – to go and get the best answer himself in that matter by authentic experience and to gain natural competence here, in the fifth state of consciousness looking through the eye of Nature and, in the seventh state of consciousness, looking through the eye of the Creator.

„To find the Father and Creator of the universe
is not easy
and likewise it is not without peril
to announce the Found before everyone.“

And that is not so exceptional at all as it now looks under the impression of scientists stumbling around increasingly disoriented in the maze of incomprehensible formulas or under the influence of the delusions of the churches in the narrow bounds of the first three states of consciousness – just like animals, because basically it should be known to them that all great composers have created “their” music from here and from nowhere else.

Let’s hear Beethoven on it:

“But I know very well that in my art God is nearer to me
than to the others,
I treat Him without fear,
I have recognized Him each time and I have understood Him;
I am also not fearful about my music,
it cannot have a bad fate;
he, to whom it makes itself understood,
has to become free of all the misery
that befalls those others.”

When I was still a child, I spent three years here in Vienna learning to play the violin under Joseph Böhm, a musician of Beethoven's circle of acquaintances told us. I lived in Böhm's house, and Mrs. Böhm always supervised my practice. This hospitable household was often visited by an old violinist, Grünberg, who had played for several years in Beethoven's orchestra. Grünberg related how Schuppanzigh, the concert master, complained to Beethoven during the first rehearsal of a new composition that a certain part written for the left hand had been written so badly, it was almost impossible to play. After which Beethoven barked at him:

‘When I wrote this part, I was aware of being inspired by Almighty God. Do you think I can worry about your tiny fiddle when He speaks to me?’

Composing was a kind of worship for Haydn, a true ritual; he always dressed in his best suit before he started composing, saying: ‘I now will get in touch with God and have to be suitably dressed.’

Thus I also utilize music for gaining higher states of consciousness that is specifically structured according to the harmony laws of the microcosm of music: according to all great classical composers but equally according to all great thinkers and philosophers the best-known means to reach these higher standpoints of cognition already mentioned – and only this is what the great thinkers consider education to be.

It now may also be understandable that it was necessary for this to develop new universities with a completely new educational program which forms the cognitive and creative ability of feeling, understanding and intellect as well as their integration with the methodology of science, systematically, specifically, in an integrated manner, and under the aegis of objective science and according to the objective investigation methods of medicine.

“In cosmic consciousness
one sees the world
quasi through the eye
of Almighty Nature.”
Peter Hübner

“In unity consciousness
one sees the world
quasi through the eye
of the Creator.”
Peter Hübner

To be continued
* Note: These terms: transcendental consciousness, cosmic consciousness and unity consciousness were mainly introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to the scientific world together with Transcendental Meditation in theory and practice and were systematically investigated there.