on his International Project of the INTEGRATION OF SCIENCES & ARTS
4. Integration of Sciences & Arts
The Success Criteria

The criteria of success in integrating the sciences & arts as well as the related changes and improvements are determined by the internationally established methodology of the natural sciences.

Today natural harmony as well as the inherent natural cosmic harmony laws can very properly be investigated and objectively verified with objective scientific means and can be localized in all areas of human life accordingly.

The essential inevitable step lies in the verification and proper cosmic application of the harmony laws through the innate inner cosmic human powers intellect, feeling and understanding and concerns primarily health and/or medicine and/or education and/or the fields of cognition, creativity/intuition and natural harmony.

There exist already a number of interesting research studies in various parts of the world and amazing research results, especially in the field of medicine.

The persons participating in integrating the sciences and arts have to carry out this integration primarily within themselves: they have to realize it in their thinking, their cognition and their creativity, as well as in their knowledge and by living a life of natural harmony.

Indisputably the objective medical successes form the core of this incorruptible scientific approach.