on his International Project of the INTEGRATION OF SCIENCES & ARTS
3. Integration of Sciences & Arts
The Objectives

It is the objectives of the integration of sciences & arts to raise all sciences and arts to their highest level of development in a natural way through the help of the universal laws of harmony, and thus, with all their outer diversity, to fuse them into a unit.

Only when each single science and art is held together by the universal, cosmic laws of harmony it is in a natural position to come together in harmony with other sciences and arts and to merge without losing its individual characteristics and advantages.

In practice the integration of sciences & arts is growing with the harmonization of all those involved in the implementation of this project and on the basis that more and more people become personally acquainted with the harmony laws of nature in an authentic manner, make peace with them and respect the cosmic order provided by the harmony laws and voluntarily organize their own inner cosmic human powers accordingly.

On this basis does the integration of sciences & arts serve real world peace and harmony in the real world.

The integration of sciences & arts is therefore based on the establishment of a scientific education system for the intuitive recognition and application of the cosmic harmony laws with the natural use of the innate cosmic abilities feeling, understanding and intellect.